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Job templates


About the project

Optimized for job board approval and SEO, Workable's 700+ job description templates boost exposure, provide inspiration and speed up hiring.

The project:

The Workable team creates job templates to help customers build faster and higher quality jobs. The problem with the job templates was that it had very low usage while it is a very powerful feature. So, we had to redesign it and promote it.

My role:

  • UX Research - Data Analysis


  • Many companies had difficulty in creating their jobs, and they contacted our support. We wanted to reduce these requests to our support team.
  • According to our user recordings, many users copy-pasted their job descriptions for a text file. We wanted to make job templates so powerful that they would find anything they wanted.
  • The majority of job editor forms include a lot of errors, and the users couldn’t create the job.
  • Improve user experience

The process

Usability problems revealed regarding Job templates

Next steps

Further analysis

We continued measuring and tracking, as the next steps would include:

  • Decrease system errors
  • Improve the data science mechanism to improve suggested job templates
  • Design improvement

More things to measure

  • Measure modal’s bounce rate to understand if users really need it
  • Measure average time on modal to understand if they like the content